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Safety Belt Fines Going Up On the Kansas Side of the Border

Safety Belt Fines Going Up On the Kansas City, Kansas Side of the Border

Kansas drivers, make sure you are wearing a safety belt. Safety belt fines in Kansas may be in for a large increase three-fold, based on a pending new bill. Currently the fine for an adult not wearing a safety belt while driving is $10. The proposed new law is to raise the fine to $30.

According to details, the new law uses the money from the fines for a Seat Belt Fund to educate children. A fine for a minor not wearing Safety belts is $60 and would not change.

Of course it's a good idea to wear a safety belt to accomplish what the device is fore, keeping you and passengers safe. And a good safe driving record will keep your insurance rates lower in the Kansas City metro.

The current Kansas Safety Belt Use Act (KSA 8-2503) APP applies to all front seat occupants unless specifically exempted. Passenger cars, vans and certain trucks manufactured with safety belts in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle safety Standard (FMVSS) 208.

All 50 states + Washington, DC require seat belt use, except for New Hampshire. See this U.S. map that shows the fines for not wearing a safety belt in each state. Fines range from $10 in Pennsylvania and Arizona to $200 in Texas.